Muhammad Umar Nadeem
Muhammad Umar Nadeem,上海外国语大学跨文化研究中心统招博士后,于2019年10月从马来西亚北方大学获得传播学博士学位。2014年至2015年,曾在巴哈丁拉齐大学担任客座讲师,2019年至今,在巴基斯坦国立科技大学担任助理教授。

Representative Publications:

· Nadeem, M. U., Bokhari, I. H., Zabrodskaja, A., Koschmann, M. A., & Kulich S. J. (2023). Assessment of university students’ energy saving behavior by integrating stimulus-organism-response (SOR) and the theory of planned behavior (TPB). Environment and Social Psychology, 8(3), 2071. (Scopus)

· Nadeem, M. U., Adnan, M., & Zabrodskaja, A. (2023). The role of positive and negative emotions in shaping willingness to communicate in a second language: Self-perceived communication competence as a moderator. Education Sciences, 13(8), 823. (ESCI) 

· Nadeem, M. U., Kulich S. J., Zabrodskaja, A. & Bokhari, I. H. (2023). The impact of empathy, sensation seeking, anxiety, uncertainty, and mindfulness on the intercultural communication in China during the COVID-19. Frontiers in Public Health, 11, 1223215. (SSCI)

· Nadeem, M. U., Kulich S. J., & Bokhari, I. H. (2023). The assessment and validation of the depression, anxiety, and stress scale (DASS-21) among frontline doctors in Pakistan during fifth wave of COVID-19. Frontiers in Public Health, 11, 1192733. (SSCI)

· Nadeem, M. U., & Koschmann, M. A. (2023). Does mindfulness moderate the relationship between anxiety, uncertainty, and intercultural communication effectiveness of the students in Pakistan?. Current Psychology, 42(1) 432-444. (SSCI)

· Mohamad, B., Dalib, S., Nadeem, M. U., Halim, H., & Ramlan, N. (2023) Intercultural Communication Competence among Migrant Workers in Malaysia: A Critical Review and an Agenda for Future Research. Frontiers in Communication, 8, 1147707. (ESCI)

· Nadeem, M. U. (2022). An Extension of the Integrated Model of Intercultural Communication Competence (IMICC) with Religiosity: An International Students’ Perspective. SAGE Open,12(1) 1-10. (SSCI)

· Nadeem, M. U., Mohammed, R., Dalib, S., & Mumtaz, S. (2022). An investigation of factors influencing intercultural communication competence of the international students from a higher education institute in Malaysia. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 14(3), 933-945. (SSCI)

· Nadeem, M. U., Mohammed, R., & Dalib, S. (2020). Retesting integrated model of intercultural communication competence (IMICC) on international students from the Asian context of Malaysia. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 74, 17-29. (SSCI) 

· Nadeem, M. U., Mohammed, R., & Dalib, S. (2020). Influence of sensation seeking on intercultural communication competence of international students in a Malaysian university: Attitude as a mediator. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 74, 30-41. (SSCI)