Leadership Team
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As a university-level entity, the leadership of the SISU Intercultural Institute (SII) is under the capable direction of SISU Chancellor Wu Youfu, Executive Director Steve J. Kulich (Gu Lixing), and a deputy director team of full professors including Dr. Zhang Hongling, Dr. Wang Zhiqiang, and Dr. Yu Zhaohui.


Professor Wu Youfu is the Chancellor of SISU, Vice President of the China Public Relations Association (CPRA), Deputy Director of the academic committee of CPRA, associate editor of Shanghai Management Science, Vice President of the Shanghai Institute of Management Science and the Institute of International Strategic Research, visiting scholar of the Chinese University of Hongkong, American Seattle Olympic College and University of Puget Sound, has served as the Director of the institute since its inauguration in September, 2006.


Professor Steve J. Kulich, SII Executive Director, is a Fellow of the International Academy for Intercultural Research now serving on its Board (2011-2015), a specially-appointed “211 disciplinary development” Professor at SISU, a winner of the Shanghai Municipal 2007 Magnolia Silver Award and 2010 Magnolia Gold Award, “Special Contribution Award” winner (2011) and Academic Advisor to the China Association for Intercultural Communication (CAFIC), and the founder of the SISU IC discipline, working closely with a number of colleges and programs. Capably assisting him are three other deputy directors, each leading figures in their own areas of intercultural and international expertise.


Professor Zhang Hongling is the Director of the SISU Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and serves on the Executive Board for the China Association of Intercultural Communication (CAFIC), is Associate Editor of the US-based academic publication, International Journal of Interactive Communication Systems and Technologies (IJICST), a former recipient of the US Fulbright Visiting Scholar award, and focuses her research on intercultural education and training and advancing educational technology.


Professor Wang Zhiqiang is the director of SISU Disciplinary Development Office, Editor of the Sino-German Cross-cultural Education Forum, Director of the China Cross-cultural Germanic studies association, and is dedicated to the research on German language and culture and foundational intercultural theories.


Professor Yu Zhaohui is the General Secretary and Vice Dean of the SISU College of International Business (CIB), the Director of the SISU Institute for Government Website Developmentnot sure about the chinese name of the title, and serves on the Academic Committee of the China International Public Relations Association, and is a member of the Shanghai American Studies Association, Shanghai International Strategic Studies, and the Shanghai Public Relations Studies Association.


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