Advisory Boards & Research Affiliates
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         With the intent to recruit professors from other universities to teach short-term or cooperate in research projects, both an international and domestic advisory board was instituted. In the first five years of our history, the main teaching and research frame of the institute has been established. In the next years we hope to recruit local and international faculty as affiliate research or teaching fellows of the institute, with the aim of strengthening cooperative research, training and instruction, and faculty development of the institute, university, and partner institutions. 


To this end two Advisory Boards were set up, respectively under the leadership of:

Prof. Michael H. Prosser, Chair of the International Advisory Board

Prof. Hu Lizhong, Chair of the Domestic Advisory Board


       In the last several years, the institute, our colleagues and students have benefitted from the contributions of:

Prof. Myron W. Lustig, International Research Fellow

Prof. Ken Cushner, International Research Fellow

Dr. Zheng Wei, International Research Fellow


       Scholars interested in joining us in this mission are encouraged to apply as a “Research Affiliate” by downloading the form attached:

         >>Go to “Research Affiliate Application Form” 

       Upon review of credentials, research interests, course offering needs, and time availability, qualifying scholars may be invited to join this growing group of scholars to cooperate on research and teaching projects. Interested parties should contact us at:







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