Foci & Aims
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    To better serve the needs of the university, Shanghai and society at large, the institute currently focuses on five main areas to promote, deepen, and expand the IC discipline:

1.      Disciplinary Development:

Develop university-wide academic communication with related entities, create opportunities for fostering the incubation of IC awareness and knowledge, promote IC faculty development, interdisciplinary cross-fertilization and cooperation;


2.      Academic Research:

Link related faculty to advance academic research, draft fundable projects at all levels (university, municipal, specific ministries, and national social science), carry out projects, and present results at conferences and in published reports, articles, monographs, and text volumes;


3.      Personnel Training:

Encourage IC education at all levels, expand post-graduate courses and curricula, facilitate IC instruction in varied colleges, and further cooperation toward IC disciplinary development;


4.      International Exchanges:

Expand academic exchange beyond the university, and facilitate domestic and international conference and project participation, training and outreach;


5.      Social Services:

Promote the dissemination of intercultural knowledge; provide recommendation or lending services of IC-related books and magazines, as well as relevant intercultural training and lectures matching the strengths of our faculty with the needs of society.



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