Hosted Conferences
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November 30, 2013, “Chinese Management and the World” (The 3rd International Conference on Cross-Cultural Management & the 7th Cross-Strait Conference on Business Management) co-hosted with the College of International Business, SISU, our SISU Intercultural Institute, the Research Center for Oriental Management, and the SISU MBA Education Center (Succeeded in inviting and hosting Prof. Geert Hofstede, Prof. Michael Bond, and Prof. Romie Littrell and others).

December 6-7, 2011, “IC Teaching in FLT” with the SINO-FLTT Institute and SFLEP (in cooperation with Prof. Dai Xiaodong, Zhuang Zhixiang, Chen Xiankui). Zhang Hongling, Keynote: “An Overview of IC Education: Developing a Structure and Method.” Steve Kulich, Keynote: “Putting Theory Into Practice:  Developing a Comprehensive IC Program – Lessons from the SISU Case.” Workshop Sessions by SII team: Li Wenjuan, Weng Liping, Liang Wenbo, Wang Yi’an. (100 attending)

December 18, 2011, “Developing Borderless Management Talents,” the 2nd biennial Cross-Cultural Management Academic Symposium, Hosted by the SISU College of International Business (CIB).  Sponsors: National MBA Education Guidance Committee, Shanghai Management Science Institute (SMSI) and Editorial Board of Shanghai Management Science (CSSCI). Co-organizers: The SISU MBA Education Center, the SISU Intercultural Institute (SII), the SISU Oriental Management Research Center. (100 attending),schoolannounce,015957.shtml

June 11-14, 2010, “Chinese Intercultural Disciplinary Development Symposium” at SISU

Co-organizers/Hosts: Steve J. Kulich, SII, SISU, Shanghai and Jürgen Henze, Department of Education, Humboldt University in Berlin. Funding Sponsors: SISU and the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) Invited Keynoters: 3 US founders of the field, 15 leading German IC professors and 45 leading Chinese IC professors. (135 attending)

March 28-April 1, 2010, “Sino-German Conference on Intercultural Communication” in Berlin

Co-organizers/Hosts: Jürgen Henze, Department of Education, Humboldt University in Berlin and Steve J. Kulich, SII, SISU, Shanghai. Funding Sponsor: German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), “Deutsch-Chinesisches Jahr der Wissenschaft and Bildung 2009/10 [Sino-German Year of Research Cooperation]. Invited Keynoters: 12 leading German and 20 leading Chinese IC professors (135 attending)

November 28-29, 2009, “Cross-Cultural Management in the Context of Globalization international academic symposium at SISU (100 attending). Co-organizer/Hosts: SISU College of International Business (CIB), the Management Science Institute of Shanghai, the Oriental Management Research Center, the SISU Intercultural Institute. (100 attending)

September 23, 2006, first international “Intercultural Research Methodology Workshopat SISU

Organizer/Host: Steve J Kulich and the newly announced SISU Intercultural Institute

Invited Keynoters: Michael Bond, Jia Yuxin, Chen Guo-ming, Jia Wenshan, Linnel Davis, Chang Hui-ching, Chen Ling. (200 attending)

September 21-22, 2006 “2nd World Forum on China Studies at the Shanghai Exhibition Center

Organizer: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).

Sub-conference: “China Communicating Interculturally and Internationally Organizer/Host: Steve J. Kulich of Shanghai International Studies University (30 attending)

Invited Participants: 6 leading international scholars with 6 leading Chinese domestic scholars

Proceedings reported in Intercultural Research Vol. 1.