History & Status
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SISU IC Beginnings

      Many parallel histories come together in developing an interest and focus at SISU that established the foundations of intercultural teaching and research.  » More



      The coordinated effort of a number of influential SISU leaders and scholars led to the development of an institute dedicated to teaching, research, publishing and outreach focused on developing this discipline.  » More


Education Achievements

      Since its establishment, the institute has focused on hosting significant academic conferences, inviting influential international scholars, cultivated cross-cultural exchanges, and has provided a wide range of university, business, or social service training to enhance IC awareness and competence in China.   » More  


Research Achievements

      As an entity designated to further the IC research and disciplinary development for the university, the SII has focused on linking the resources across the university toward developing competitive research projects, publishing quality research articles, facilitating the publication of important overseas IC textbooks, and launching its own Intercultural Research thematic IC series.   » More  



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