Leaders & Personnel
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To carry out its mission and accomplish these aims, the institute is currently staffed and supported by the following leaders, faculty, research fellows, and advisors:

Full-time SII Staff:

Executive Director:   

           Professor Dr. Steve J. Kulich

Founder of the SISU Intercultural Program


Research Administrators/Associate Fellows:  

           Ms. Chi Ruobing
                  Doctoral candidate at the University of Hawaii

           Dr. Zhou Yi

           Dr. Zhang Xiaojia

           Dr. Weng Liping


The SII Leadership Team:


           Prof. Wu Youfu, SISU Chancellor

Deputy Directors:   

          Prof. Dr. Zhang Hongling

Director , Division of International Exchange and Cooperation 
                   SISU College of Journalism & Communication

Past-Director of the Confucius Institute, Napoli, Italy

         Prof. Dr. Wang Zhiqiang
                   Director of the SISU Disciplinary Development Office

                   SISU German Department

         Prof. Dr. Yu Zhaohui  
General Secretary and Vice-Dean, College of International Business (CIB)

  Director of the SISU Research Institute on Government Website Design


International Academic Board Chair:  
         Distinguished Prof. Emeritus Dr. Michael H. Prosser
                   Prof. Emeritus of University of Virginia, Rochester Institute of Technology


SISU Academic Board Chair:
         Prof. Dr. Hu Lizhong, Past Director of the SISU Library

                   Past Fulbright Scholar, Prof. of the SISU College of International Relations 



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