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A competent group of local and international faculty members have helped build the effective teaching program at SISU. Building on the undergraduate courses offered by Steve Kulich and Zhang Hongling in the late 1990’s, the Intercultural Communication MA program at SISU began in the College of English Language and Literature in 2002 under the “Cultures of Native English Speaking Countries” Direction (the “Culture” major under the direction of Prof. Wang Enming).

At that time, Steve Kulich started the IC program by offering three courses in intercultural communication for the students who selected him as their advisor (more than 7 per year), other culture majors, and other English direction majors who selected the course as an elective. Prof. Fang Yongde continued to offer his “Comparative (duibi) Culture and Translation” course, which is tailored toward deeply understanding Chinese culture in order to better translate into other languages, as well as to cultivate own-culture awareness.

In 2005, Intercultural Communication was made an independent direction, and with Zhang Hongling’s and Michael Prosser’s assistance, the course load expanded initially to 6, and now to 8-10 courses per academic year. This has been possible because of the excellent faculty members who offer a variety of course in this direction:

Active SISU Instructors

Steve J. Kulich                 Since 2002

Fang Yongde                   Since 2002

Zhang Hongling              Since 2005

David N. Henry               Since 2007

Chi Ruobing                    Since 2008

Li Wenjuan                     Since 2009


Contributing International Instructors

Michael H. Prosser         2005-2009

Cooper S. Wakefield      2006-2009

Myron W. Lustig             2007-2009

Kenneth Cushner           2010-2011

Zheng Wei                      Since 2009


Professors Fang Yongde and Li Wenjuan have each offered IC courses in the International Education College at the undergraduate level.

At the post-graduate level, Prof. Wang Zhiqiang directs students in the College of Western Languages intercultural German MA major. An IC course has been taught in the weekend equivalency MA program since 2005 by many on the above team, and so far more than 10 have elected to write their MA thesis on IC in that program. Since 2007, Professors Kulich and Prosser have also offered MA courses also to IC (Mass Media) majors in what is now the College of Communications. Prof. Zhang Hongling works closely with Prof. and now Dean Zhang Yanli of the College of International Education and Exchange offering an IC course (since 2009 –)to “Han Ban” MA candidates in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL), some of whom take postings with Confucian Institutes supported by SISU.

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